Structured content. XML. Content reuse. Single-sourcing. We've been talking about these techniques, standards and approaches for years. And yet, many organizations still aren't producing semantically-enriched, machine-readable, consistently structured content. But, that's got to change. Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, will explore the many reasons why we must adopt a structured XML, single-source approach to creating, managing and delivering content if we are to succeed in the global, mobile world in which we live.

Speaker Profile:

Scott Abel, aka The Content Wrangler, is an internationally-recognized technical communication professional and content management strategist whose strengths lie in helping global organizations improve the way they author, maintain, and deliver information. In addition to his popular business blog,, an online resource for content professionals with an interest in content management, content standards and content technologies, Scott maintains several online communities on Facebook and Linkedin, and is a popular and influential technology blogger on Twitter. He also manages the social networking activities for several software and services firms in the high technology and digital mobile publishing arenas.